We all know and love Portland, with it’s interesting history and rich community. Whether you’re a hipster, foodie, creative, professional, or more likely fit into no category or label, Portland Oregon makes for a wonderful home. As the last stop on the Oregon Trail, much of Portland was was constructed prior to the 1900’s, with homes in the area widely ranging in style and age. As a property owner in Portland, it is important to be stay attentive to any issues with Radon, mold, and your property’s water drainage. At least every five years, you should have all three inspected, along with your foundation.

Siding Repair or Replacement

Express Remodeling has been a siding contractor for Portland, and Salem since 1994.  In that time we've inspected, repaired, replaced, and installed the siding for thousands of homes all over Oregon. Good siding repair takes more than a contractor and materials, it means choosing the right siding contractor for the best siding material for your home. That doesn't mean that we expect you to go with us for your work, but we hope you use our resources to help you make an informed decision.

Just recently we started collecting before and after shots of projects we've worked on, and we'd love your project to be added to our growing gallery.